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★ rinoa heartilly ★
26 March 2012 @ 12:00 am

anyone wanting to contact Rinoa;;
★ rinoa heartilly ★

I wonder--does anyone have monsters in their world like those monster fairies from yesterday? I've seen some pretty bizarre ones before, but never quite that bizarre...!

And... oh!

private to squall || totally hackableCollapse )

[ooc: Squall's present is a leather jacket similar to Leon's from KH/KH2. Y'know, the one with the pretty angel wings. Yeah, who even knows. Oh, and a cake. Don't forget a very embarrassing cake with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' written on it in decorative icing! And this is posted early, but I'll be backdating tomorrow... or later tonight, whichever it is for the US ♥♥.]
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★ rinoa heartilly ★
[the recording starts a little awkwardly, with some static and muffled noises]---hello?

Is anyone--? Squall? 

[there's a pause for a few moments, and some panicked breathing]

Hello! Is anyone there!?

I can't see anyone... is everyone gone...?

I don't--[there is a crash and the communicator shuts off rather abruptly]

[ooc: lol just getting this up now because I'll forget otherwise. Hit with the alone in the City curse! And this one has a complex about being alone, idek]
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Huh. My pinwheel kind of got replaced with.... this.

What am I supposed to do with it~?

[ooc: since Rinoa was in the square as this happened, action for anybody who wants to get her involved in a water fight?]
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[private to self || unhackable]Collapse )

I think it's snowing outside~! It's not very heavy at the moment... it reminds me of Trabia. Hmm, Selphie said it was a gift from the faeries. It's a little weird considering how warm it's been lately... but oh well, I'm not complaining. When it gets lighter outside, I want to go out in it~!

And sorry to Tyki and Jun... I think I was cursed that day. I don't really remember, but I do remember running around in a dress and tripping over things. So hopefully other than that, nothing too embarrassing!

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10 June 2009 @ 12:16 pm
H-hello? Is anybody there?

I... I think I have gotten lost! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

[a pause, and some rustling]

It's rather hard to move in this dress... oh!


[ooc: So! Yes, Rinoa is a ~princess~ today. Basically she's run away from home because her father is a tyrant? Yay for closely-connected-to-canon ideas. Action is open for anyone in Xanadu or anyone who wants to stalk terrorise help her out. And she has her powers during this curse, too, because y'know; princesses with magic powers are cool. Also, this is backdated to... several hours ago.]
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[there is the sound of footsteps and quiet breathing, as Rinoa walks through Xanadu. It continues for a few moments, before she comes to a standstill]

...do you think that, if somebody has power, it's a reason to fear them? To hate them?

Maybe if they misuse it---but what if they can't control it?

[there is a soft 'clink'! of metal; Rinoa has grabbed her mother's--and Squall's--necklace]

What do you think about power?
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I think I'm gonna stay outta this one! Games like that aren't really my thing. I don't see how games can be that intense?

Although I did find some feathers outside today. They don't really look like they came from a bird, either... I don't really know where they could've come from.

Hm. It's strange. But then, so is this whole place.
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My room got a little bit messed up from that earthquake. I... don't think I can fit in it anymore.

And still no luck on the job front! Hmmm.

Do earthquakes count as curses, or is the City just prone to natural disasters, too?
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The past few days have been kinda fun! These "curses", I mean. Those ones weren't so bad. Not that making up stories about people is a great pastime, but at least it made some people laugh, right?

Now! Are there any jobs on offer? There has to be some way for a girl to make a living around here.

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