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3 March
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[character name]: Rinoa Heartilly
[series]: Final Fantasy VIII
[age]: Seventeen
[weapon]: Shooting Star

[player eljay]: overwhelming
[messenger]: AIM: emberofwhite
[e-mail]: hikari_lyte@hotmail.com

Rinoa is very outspoken, opinionated, free-spirited and stubborn. She is honest about her feelings, almost to the extent that she wears her heart on her sleeve, and as a result can be overly passionate. She is viewed by others to be disorganised and flaky as she can lose her logic and pragmatism while she is impassioned by something. Rinoa is extremely pushy, especially when it comes to making friends, or talking to people she cares about. She has good intentions, but can come across as over-ambitious and forceful when it comes to offering people advice. She always has a smile on hand, and can be very childish and naïve in her opinions at times. She has her doom and gloom moments, too; she can get caught up in the moment and get too lost in everything, needing a little comfort from the people around her. Above all, she hates being alone, and always likes people to be there for her. She hates the idea of people pushing her away, which is the reason behind not telling people of her Sorceress powers at the first opportunity. She is, all in all, a strong and passionate person with a tendency to talk childishly or appear bratty as she is extremely forceful in asserting herself and likes to surround herself with friends.

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I don't want the future ... I want the present to stand still. So I can stay here with you.
-- Rinoa